Creative Tech Works Design Studio supports urban students who are self directed, responsible and make “geek” and “nerd” cool.

Ultimately, we produce talent that will contribute to the region’s creative economy. We sustain it two ways – an annual “City Streets:Race Through History” event that people can sponsor, and through grant funding in partnership with Beech Community Services, Inc.

The Design Studio

The award-winning Design Studio is a 6 month junior apprenticeship for pre-college students ages 14-21. If you’re accepted, you’ll enjoy up to 120 hours of applied classroom learning in design,

The Immersion Studio

The Immersion Studio is a 12-24 week technology pre-apprenticeship for students ages 18-26. You should have a high school degree or GED, be able to commit to full time for


The Creative Tech Works Design Studio is a talent development collaboration 501(c) 3 nonprofit based in North Central Philadelphia.

The Creative Tech Works Design Studio is a 501(c)